Changes to Chinook Retention for 2019 Derby

MAY 23, 2019

RE: Catch & Release for Chinook Prizes for 2019 Derby

Dear Tofino Saltwater Classic participants,
The TSC committee and I have been discussing revised derby regulations and have come to a conclusion: This year's Tofino Saltwater Classic will be a catch and release derby for our Chinook prizes. Coho and halibut will remain as retention prizes. 

As sport anglers, we will not allow the recent DFO decision to impact the enjoyment we get while out on the water. We will unite and galvanize as a group and, more importantly, reconvene in Tofino to raise money for the many local initiatives that rely heavily on our support. 

We are still working on the exact specifics but we are leaning towards implementing boundaries for logistical purposes. 

The positive news is you can still retain Chinook salmon while fishing on the ‘inside.’ If you want a Chinook to count towards potential derby prizes, you must have that fish released. We will have station several fish master boats in different locations to assist with the measuring and releasing of Chinook. 

We look forward to your continued support. Thank you.

Brendan Morrison