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Entering our 10th year as Tofino's largest fundraiser, we are striving to find ways to improve on our past success and ensure the longevity of this event.  Our goal is to establish the Tofino Saltwater Classic as a sustainable community event that continues to have a positive impact on our community and its important grassroots initiatives.

1. Share Your Successes

To ensure the Tofino Saltwater Classic continues indefinitely, we feel strongly that awareness and support from key stakeholders is paramount.  Communicating about how the event has directly and measurably impacted the community of Tofino will no doubt aid in its long term success.  This year, we will be counting on beneficiaries like you to help us understand where the funds received in the past have helped your initiative.  We would like each beneficiary to put together a brief summary detailing where past funds have been utilized so we can share this information via a slide show to the  with participants over the course of the evening.    

2. Volunteer Help

We will also be increasing the number of volunteers on the Tofino Saltwater Classic team this year. Following the example set by other successful fundraising events, we will be requiring a minimum number of volunteer hours from each beneficiary group. The time commitment will be directly linked to funds received. While we have no way of knowing how many dollars will be raised this year, we will be formulating a fair volunteer-to-funding scale.   

3. Request for Funds

Lastly, in order to be fair to all of the inquiring beneficiaries,  we require require a formal request for funds. If you would like to be considered for Tofino Saltwater Classic support, please fill out the form to the right.


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